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About Me


I started playing with cameras and getting into photography literally since I was just a few years old.  My mother, who was an artist, was always taking pictures of us and next to being a celebrity, our family probably has the best documented life…..  BW, Color, and BW 8mm movies.  I still have some of these cameras and the movies are priceless.

Fast forward…..  I graduated from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale majoring in photography and received 2 of the 3 awards given to my class….  Outstanding Achievement and Outstanding Creativity.  After graduating, I ignored all job offers and went to NYC with a private scholarship to Parsons School of Design in NYC to study Photo Illustration under Dave Passalacqua, the Dean of Illustration, and his son Davie Passalacqua, who was also a professor at the school’s branch on Long Island.  A great opportunity to study under two very talented artists with mixed media.

I am currently based in Atlanta, GA and originally from the Chicago area.  I love to photograph people and have shot fashion for over 30 years, which is what helped me win the awards mentioned at the Art Institute.  Fashion Photography brought me to Atlanta, where I have worked for 3 of the city’s largest commercial studios, both as a freelancer and full time staff photographer, shooting fashion as well as product, both in studio and on location, so I am equally comfortable shooting in both environments.  I am currently freelancing and have been shooting more and more architecture lately.  I actually wanted to be an architect before deciding on photography as a career, so this has been very soul satisfying for me.

My Personal Work’ is a study I have been doing lately on Orchids, which is one of my favorite decorative flowers.  ‘de Agua’ is another personal project of mine where I have been documenting rivers, creeks and waterways here in Georgia.  To quote one of my favorite photographers, Annie Leibovitz, “every now and then we need to go off and do something that fills you up…..  replenishes you”.  That’s what de Agua’ and my ‘Personal Work’ does for me.  It’s soul satisfying work for me in the world of Fine Art Photography.

Thanks for looking at my site…….  Andy